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Junaid Ventures is an owner and operator of commercial and residential real estate based in South Florida. We are a father-son team and we currently own or manage ~60,000 sqft of commercial office - retail and nearly 40 residential units. We are actively seeking opportunities in healthcare and senior housing



We actively seek opportunities for value-add investments with a goal of generating strong current cash flows in our markets

We initially identify distressed, mismanaged or underperforming properties. We then implement turnaround strategies capitalizing on our experience and investing discipline

Additionally, we seek to make investments that are supportive and sustainable within the local community, while being accretive and profitable to investors



Commercial: Almost 60,000 sqft in Palm Beach and Browaid County consisting of neighborhood office and retail.

Residential: Nearly 40 units encompassing multifamily and single family properties.

Healthcare: We’re currently in the process of acquiring assisted living facilities and senior housing properties.

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We are a father son team with nearly 30 of years experience



With 20+ of years under his belt, Moe Junaid Akther leads the property management and operation of assets at Junaid Ventures. Moe has hands-on real estate experience in both multi-family residential and neighborhood commercial properties. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he worked at Sears Holdings and Motorola. Moe graduated from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL with a B.S. in electrical engineering



Suhan Junaid spearheads the sourcing of new acquisitions at Junaid Ventures. He has spent 7 years as a Wall Street investment banker providing mergers, acquisitions, and equity/debt financing advisory services. Suhan has over $20 billion in transaction experience across industrial and healthcare companies. He graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA with a B.B.A. in finance and management